Our History

All started in a lost shoe workshop in a village on the island of Mallorca. We were looking for ways to innovate in the footwear area when something came across, we were posing wrong, we did not have to innovate, we had to go back to the origins.

What happened?

As I was saying, we ran into the raw reality, in a shoe workshop that was going to close for lack of customers, we found the last of our shoe, literally, the shoe last that made us change the concept of innovating and going back, many years back in time.

The last of our shoe

As I was telling you we found a last, but not just any last, but a last with more than 90 years, a last that is the base of one of the most famous moccasins in the history of a luxury brand, a last when the shoes lasted years and not seasons and thus changed our approach.

We decided to take advantage of that reality bump to understand that what the world needs is helping to survive and therefore we were going to do our bit. We were going to make shoes like before, with good looks, the best materials and that last, because tradition has shown us that it can be done.

"From the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, the best shoe lasts were made, those that have survived for centuries and that make a shoe really comfortable and durable because it adapts to the foot with the wisdom of the years".

Innovation based on tradition

We have dedicated the last few years to find more lasts like the first one and adding technological improvements to get lasts that adapt to our times.

Our goal is to make quality shoes available to everyone and last for years.

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